14. The Campaign to Make This a Reality


There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.

– Aristotle

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

– Swami Vivekananda


(Video).  I fully recognize that in 2016, much of this will be dismissed as too radical.  Terms like ‘crazy’ and ‘economically ignorant’ will intrude as mosquitoes of disapproval, and I am prepared to withstand that phase.  In 2017, opposition will start to erode as the recession begins to manifest and deflation starts to exceed even seemingly high levels of monetary expansion.  In 2018, there will be even less resistance to these ideas once ‘#Another$TrillionQE’ is no longer an unusual recommendation, and so on.  Eventually, it is my goal to have the Overton Window move to a point that these concepts receive serious debate.  If we are very fortunate, at least some of these ideas may be seen as prescient by the 2020s.

I am just one man, without any ‘establishment’ backing, posting this whitepaper on a blog.  I have run solo, multi-year, volunteer-sustained charities in the past, such as The Uplift Prize, but this endeavor is much greater in scope.  Since the greatest things ever accomplished have been accomplished by teams, and if you like some of the ideas presented here, I would like to recruit your help.  As a grassroots campaign, some of the avenues we can begin with are :

  • Send this to people you know who may be interested in the subject matter, and persuade them to digest the material.  Especially if they are outside of the US.
  • Viral marketing through social media. Whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or anywhere else, post this wherever you feel it may be appropriate (such as retweeting my ‘ATOM Award of the Week’).
  • Help me build exposure by connecting with, and present this material to, key figures in the mainstream media, who can then bring this to a broader audience.
  • Following some media exposure, the next step is to present to central banks, elected officials, and thought leaders. If you have a suitable contact, help arrange a meeting or phonecall where I can present these ideas to them.
  • Help this set of ideas become part of the discourse for the 2016 US election and other elections worldwide. Refer back to the ‘ATOM Political Platform’ section.
  • If you are good at getting sponsors, the right type of sponsorship is very valuable here.
  • Help me organize and execute an ATOM video contest, where entrants produce a video that evangelizes and simplifies the concepts and ideas for a mass audience, for a prize of ~$10,000 or so.
  • Help me appear at venues such as TED to deliver a presentation on some or all of the subject matter here. Smaller conferences are also valuable, provided the talk is videotaped and posted online.

Think about what is it that you do exceptionally well, and we will try to incorporate your talents into this campaign.  Keep reminding yourself how great it will be for your Federal income taxes to evaporate away, and how your stipend keeps rising exponentially.  Each action you take, however small it may seem at the time, assists the campaign of making this a reality.  Getting these ideas to the decision-makers may take time, and the skepticism and debate may take even more time.  But always remember that every grain of sand we deposit in the ocean makes the level of the ocean rise a tiny bit, so each action edges us towards the grand goal.

If you are enthusiastic about these ideas, join with me in this campaign, and start working on some of the bullet points above, as well as ideas of your own.


6 thoughts on “14. The Campaign to Make This a Reality”

  1. Kartik,

    I think you will be more convincing if you link to your successful predictions that you have made in the past. And this being the internet, those connections are going to happen anyway. In just the few days that I’ve been reading, it looks like you tightened this up by removing some needless political alignment comments.
    I’ve been convinced by previous writings of yours about current technological deflation and your twist of using the QE to support the population and change is interesting. However, it is a combination of radical change – the economy growing >10% a year – and amazing stability – the federal reserve and other central banks being able to print money and it having that money accepted as valuable for years on end. Your message will be strengthened if you describe in more detail your prediction of the financial crisis of 2017 and what the effects of deflation will be.



  2. Drew,

    Building traffic from scratch takes time, particularly with material as densely-packed as this. I have emailed this site to many Professors of Econ/Finance, except that they think the research does not sufficiently link technological deflation to monetary easing. It appears they will only accept research that is so solid that hundreds of economists can figure it out anyway, which precludes the possibility of radical innovation.

    Note that the stipend starts out small, but then rises exponentially (enabling an orderly removal of income tax). By the 2030s, total NGDP growth rates can converge up to 16-24%/year, right were the trendline in Chapter 2 places us.

    I would like you to comment more on many of the chapters here, as the discussion benefits future readers, and gets some commenter traffic going.


  3. It is quite easy to make NGDP grow – just print more money. However, you still have to convince all the market actors that the IOY notes you print have real backing. Otherwise all the economy will switch to more stable currency. Being it gold, bit-coin or Swiss francs. And the problem with all bureaucracy is that it grows until it uses the budget. That holds true for governments as well as large companies.

    Printing money is form of tax put on all the existing money mass. And the smart money will find a way to avoid it or at least optimize it out. QEs are actually a pretty neat mechanism. You don’t only print money, you can unprint it too. Unfortunately, the central bank and the governments have to thread a razor thin spread of helping the economy and not eroding the value of money too much. That requires a pretty good model of the future growth and a very strong political will. Neither is available. So we are will be treated some very turbulent times very soon.


  4. As for being endorsed by economy professors and thinkers… There is only one way to do it – make successful economical predictions. And if you happen to make millions by gaming the market your opinion will be even more credible. I think you concentrate too much on political moral inefficiencies. All those transfers while significant are not the real show stopper. I would say they are more of an indication how reach our society has become if it can afford all those transfers with perverse incentives. It is just line in the budget like panem et circenses or the universal stipend you propose


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