Executive Summary

Welcome.  This is a book/whitepaper published in blog format (and as a .pdf), about how technology has created new economic forces that are reshaping society.  Contained within is guidance on how individuals, organizations, and nations have to adapt to these transformations in order to prosper.

If you are interested in any of the following, this is the reading material for you :

  • Accelerating, exponential technological progress
  • Technological disruption, and its social and economic impact
  • How artificial intelligence and robotics are affecting employment
  • Navigating the next recession/financial crisis
  • Creating a dynamic safety net that replaces outdated government programs, and is simultaneously the destination of central bank easing
  • A path towards the gradual elimination of all income tax
  • How to harness technological forces for yourself

I hope this content changes how you view the world, in the present and the future.KartikPhoto

– Kartik Gada

Feb 26, 2016

Executive Summary : The accelerating pace and diffusion of technological change has taken control of an ever-growing fraction of the world economy.  This fraction is being assimilated into a different set of economic fundamentals, such as the rapid and exponential price deflation inherent to technology.  The effect of this was insignificant until recently, but is now beginning to create conspicuous distortions in many economic metrics, and is just years from being the dominant force across the entire economy. 

In response to technological deflation, the central banks of the world will have to create new money in perpetuity, increasing the stream at an exponentially rising rate much higher than is currently assumed.  This now-permanent need for monetary expansion, if embraced, can fund government spending more directly.  This in turn creates a very robust, dynamic, and efficient safety net for citizens, while simultaneously reducing and even eliminating most forms of taxation by 2025. 

Failure to recognize that technological deflation mandates permanent and ever-rising central bank monetary expansion that can and should gradually become the primary source of government spending will precipitate a major financial crisis starting as soon as 2017. 

The nature of current worldwide technology is to link various disruptions with each other, consume monetary liquidity to generate deflation, and lower the effective prices of most goods and services over time.  Therefore, the entirety of worldwide technology has to be seen as a holistic economic entity, and can be defined as the ‘Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium’, or ‘ATOM’. 

Table of Contents
  1. Prologue
  2. The Exponential Trendline of Economic Growth
  3. Technological Disruption is Pervasive and Deepening
  4. The Overlooked Economics of Technology
  5. Characteristics of the ATOM
  6. Current Government Policy Will Soon be Ineffective
  7. Government Policies Must Adapt, and Quickly
  8. The ATOM Transformation of Specific Industries and Communities
  9. Reframing ‘Inequality’
  10. Implementation of the ATOM Age for Nations
  11. Implementation of the ATOM Age for Individuals
  12. The ATOM’s Effect on the Final Frontier
  13. Conclusion
  14. The Campaign to Make This a Reality



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